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    Raquel Palis

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    I have a Degree in Interior Design, and the over past 8 years, I’ve been involved in many creative projects for Retail. I have experience working for several major Brazilian fashion brands. I have acted as a Leading designer, implementing in-store concepts, merchandising displays and sculptures, retail fixtures, styling window designs, etc. I have expertise in reproducing the brand's life style through the storytelling . I also work with the team, helping to train all the sales associates to follow the fashion guide rules, with my friendly and driven approach.
    With my extensive skills on POS and Microsoft Office, I can generate ideas and insights quickly and clearly, in order to bring to my superiors the KPI analyses track, which are the indicators for sales, gross margin, sales per square foot, UPT, stock turn over rate, and sell though Rate. I also have the experience to track the information from back office and analyze the ROI.

    I was also named one of Nike’s “Open the Box” new talent designers for 2016/2017, powered by NABA - Milan.

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    Millennial Retail Tallent

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    We always strive for the best.

    Hands On

    Entrepreneur pro activity, Retail Knowledge, Serendipity creativity, Design and Art - Are the Just few things of my technical and tacit professional shape features.


    I have passion for the people. Because is them who made every thing, every insite, project, sale, happen. 
    People are the key of the any business case


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